Sunday, January 15, 2006

Murtha's Medals

The Washington Post reports that a Web site, Cybercast News Service, and its editor-in-chief, David Thibault, are challenging the circumstances surrounding the awarding of two purple hearts to Congressman John Murtha, during the Vietnam War, due to his outspoken opposition to the occupation of Iraq.

The smear campaign of which Representative Murtha is the current victim reminds one of the Swift Boat fiasco which strove to bring down the candidacy, in the last presidential election, of Senator John Kerry. It seems that the time has come to give those who grab at straws to defend a policy opposed by grieving, middle America, mothers, and veterans of other futile wars alike, a swift boot.

There's nothing wrong with questioning records, but while they're at it, why don't the good folks at Cybercast News Service ask why the figures of war dead, on both American and Iraqi sides, that their commander-in-chief gives out are often at variance from the official counts given by his own Department of Defense!