Monday, January 23, 2006

Today's Question...

The president declared, only minutes ago, that the NSA is legal, and that he intends to defend his electronic surveillance, and snooping, program when hearings, in Congress, convene on Febuary 6th. The phrase for the program this administration has initiated to spy on its electorate has now been changed to "Terrorist Surveillance Program," or TSP for short. Lest you sleep easier tonight, because of this change, think about this: one suggested topic of discussion, for congressional hearings, might well be-- what does a "terrorist" look like?

If, as has been suggested, there are now two classes of "terrorists," international and domestic (i.e. "ecoterrorists"), does this make the process of identifying, and tagging, "the enemy" harder or easier, and do we now have greater justification for shredding the Fourth Amendment where domestic terrorists are concerned?

More importantly, are we, as a nation, any safer today because of this president's directive to compromise our civil liberties, or in spite of it?